Life is defined by change

Sometimes the change is desirable, and sometimes not.  Sometimes it comes too quickly, while at other times it can’t come quickly enough. Sometimes the change we want isn’t clear, while at other times the vision is clear but the way to realize it isn’t.  Often, we’re left feeling confused, frustrated, or helpless about these things.

I can help with that

I love sharing what I know with others. I thrive on following the latest trends in positive psychology’s research literature and behavioral science research overall.  The real joy lies in contemplating ways to leverage those findings to help others, and teaching and coaching others on how to best achieve their aims. Motivation, visioning, planning, goal attainment, and establishing a sense of well-being are all a part of what I do.  I apply these concepts to a variety of different domains of life: career, college and academics, life balancing, and stress management.  In so doing I can help to rid you of that confusion, frustration, and helplessness about change.

You’re ready – and it’s time

Let’s talk about how we might work together.  Let’s make the change happen on your terms.  You’re here because you’re ready.  Let’s talk – say hello by contacting me via email or by phone.  We can set up a free, no-obligation 30-minute consultation session to see what’s possible.